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PLA corn fiber non-woven fabric

At: 2020-07-12 16:08:29

Production Indicators:

● Gram weight range: 30-150g/m2

● Product width: 1200mm

● Rolling point type: smooth/square/fancy point

Production features:

Low biodegradable
● Environmental protection and pollution free
● Soft and skin-friendly
● The cloth surface is smooth without chip, good evenness
● Good air permeability
● Good water absorption performance

Application Field:

● Medical and sanitary cloth: operating clothes, protective clothing, disinfectant cloth, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins, etc.
● Household decorative cloth: wall cloth, tablecloth, bed sheet, bedspread, etc.;
● With the installation of cloth: lining, adhesive lining, flocculation, set cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather bottom cloth;
● Industrial cloth: filter material, insulation material, cement packaging bag, geotextile, covering cloth, etc.
● Agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedlings cloth, irrigation cloth, insulation curtain, etc.
● Others: space cotton, thermal insulation materials, linoleum, cigarette filter, tea bag, etc

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